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Why I Quit My Call Center Job

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against call center agents. There are so many talented call center agents out there who are doing well in their jobs. And I commend them in doing so. Several months ago, I applied for a call center job. Partly because of curiosity, I hunted for various call centers. […]

Why Study Grammar?

Grammar plays a very important role in our lives. We need it for our jobs. We need it for travel and leisure. We need it for our academic studies. Yes, whether we like it or not, grammar is everywhere. A person who has good grammar skills is often perceived as confident, competent, and eloquent. They do not […]

Want to Travel?

With lots of airline fare and hotel promos available on the Internet, traveling abroad is no longer that difficult. With just a click on our computers, we can instantly book flights at affordable prices. This doesn’t mean though that we should no longer make the necessary preparations for our traveling adventure. We need to face […]

Fit for Life

As a self-employed, you may need to spend longer hours on your job. You are a one-man army, but being busy at work doesn’t mean having to sit on your home office chair for too long. I remember a website post when I was previously working for an Australian bank. The management encouraged us employees […]

Free Webhosting or Buying a Domain?

Do you have plans to build your own website or a blog? Either for monetary or amusement purposes, I believe that buying your own domain is the best thing to do. Let me tell you my experience. I have been a blogger since high school. Since then, I have kept numerous blogs, most of which […]

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